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ET METAL CO., LTD. is specialized at production of metallurgical parts/ sintered metals, including 3 categories: Iron series, Copper series and Stainless series.
ETM provides a wide variety of mechanical industries, such as agricultural machinery, power tools, automobile, house hardware, ship-building and so on, with high-quality mechanical parts. Each of the managers owns more than 15 years of experience upon mechanical design and manufacturing. The production plant has over 20 years history on this expertise. The current customers are distributed all over America, Europe and Asia.
Sintered metal parts have 3 major advantages: material context flexibility, high-precision by mold-based mass production and low cost due to inherent automation feasibility.
The material can be customized by chemical composition formula so that most mechanical strength such as ductility, tensile strength and hardness can be fulfilled at the same time. Since sinter metal parts are made by molds, then the tolerance of dimensions can be up to 5 microns or better. The delivery cycle can be shortened and the unit prices can be further reduced owing to mass production so that enormous stock in conventional manner is not completely necessary for the buyers. You will not regret to use our sinter metal or metal products.

The majorities of products produced every day consist of high-torque gears/pinions and self-lubricated bushes. The products which ETM can produce are specialized in ferrous/alloy gears, pinions, bush, fasteners, office chair parts and other mechanical components employed in various industries. The variety and quantity of the products we offer continues to grow and expand. Even if our customers move forwards to next generation/ version/ model, we can change the corresponding molding and manufacturing process to satisfy the needs of clients. Our commodity basket covers over 25,000 various sintered metal parts, transmission components, sintered metal components, powder metallurgy parts, powdered metal products, sintered metal parts, sintered metal components and different bearings, either in bronze or brass.

In the past 20 years, we supply more than 10 million pieces of cotton picker parts and powder metal components annually to the internationally major brands such as BHC, John Deere (JD) and Case IH. In addition, we also provide vast amount of office chair pars, gear box / parts, bicycle products and fastener components to many internationally well-known end-users like Oasis, Bosch, Black & Decker, Shimano, Dorma, Sparta, Elobau, Colt, Translev, Ryobi and etc.

Powder metal parts or powder metallurgy parts can be employed to almost every kind of industries such as:
■Fasteners & Hardware
■ Electrical Components & Supplies
■ Pipes , Valves, & Fittings
■ Fluid Powder/ Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Mechanical Components
■ Industrial Supplies-Tools & ACCESSORIES
■ Packaging & Shipping supplies
■ Abrasives
■ Janitorial Supplies
■ Safety Supplies
■ Agriculture machines
Power tools and hand tools
Office chair
■ Screw and Nuts
■ Garden Equipments
■ Chain saw
■ Bicycles and motorcycles
About 85% of our products: powder metal parts, sintered metal components, powder metal components, powder metallurgy parts, sintered metal parts, powder metallurgy components, powdered metal products, metal sintered parts, metal sintered components are exported to Europe such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Austria. We have 20-year experience for exporting goods to Europe, American and Japan / Asia. The required documentation (e.g., fumigation certificate , RoHs, SGS/TUV Inspection Reports) and the associated assistance ( e.g., express delivery, land transportation, local couriers, …) can be provided on clients request.

All of the windows open to buyers, including managers and engineers, are capable of speaking, listening and writing English since each of them earned either MS or Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. That implies that no obstacles exist to deter the mutual communication on both business and engineering issues, and the purchased parts are ensured to be made right, without any possible misunderstanding during international trade.

High-Quality, Quick Delivery and Low-Cost are really nothing but the utmost concerns and services that ETM has been trying sincerely and hard to fulfill and provide. Look forwards to seeing your first touch.

In addition to Sintered Metal Parts, two sister companies of ETM, as follows, can provide “Investment Cast Parts “ and “Forged Parts” : (Investment Cast Parts) (forged parts)

Please link to their web addresses above if you are interested.



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